SEISM leperollo is gathering all the images printed on film and exhibited in SEISM installation in 2015 in The Hague. These images, as X-rays images, are occurring between eye and brain. A selection of 96 on 150 images have been selected to the narrative context of the book.


M.K. in SEISM leporello

PERCEPTIONS / Marie Jeanne de Rooij

With the recent Perceptions series Pascale-Sophie Kaparis is pioneering and delving further into these mostly subconscious processes by which the brain deals with the registered manifold information, to come up with a more consciously felt perception of the visible data. For this sequel project Kaparis selected again fiercely unsettling, traumatic (political, societal and personal) events to pin­ point this process at the core to show where perception is settling within the personal frameworks of logical, ethical, political, cultural, emphatic etc analysis, into a nucleus of a limited yet forceful selection of highlighted glimpses of connected images.