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Ryan will be the first to admit that he’s inserted his foot in his mouth probably a few times more than he would like during his eventful five-plus years in charge. His announcement Friday night that Smith’s grip on the starting job is “week to week” prompted more than a few eye rolls, but it gives him the freedom to make a change at any point if Smith isn’t delivering.

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There were moments of deep emotion too as the flag was dipped in respect to the 100 or so street protesters who were shot dead by police snipers in February in the last days of ousted president Viktor Yanukovich's rule.

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Low long-term interest rates will likely not rise until the 2 percent target is reached, he said, adding that the BoJ's 2 percent inflation target, once met, could serve as a benchmark for wage negotiations.

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* The price you pay for mobile service should be only one factor. In my travels, I was more likely to get high-speed data service with AT&T and Verizon, especially in rural areas. T-Mobile has improved in many cities. Sprint is still catching up. A plan with a large data allotment won't mean much if you can't use it. Also, if you travel a lot, only T-Mobile offers free data roaming outside the U.S.

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After all the mind-numbing chirp from the Jets and the Giants about who owns MetLife Stadium, and whose “house” it is, the most sense on the subject came from Patricia Traina, who covers the Giants for Inside Football and is a columnist for The Bleacher Report:

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But he’ll also miss being one-of-a-kind now that baby name site reports searches for “Vale” are trending. “It’s mixed feelings, because I’ve enjoyed having my own name and being an original,” says Rideout, who welcomed the birth of his own daughter on Aug. 19.

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Carolyn Custerson, chairman of Visit Devon, said: “It is fantastic to see this dramatic uplift in international visitors that has been stimulated by the governments GREAT worldwide marketing campaign.