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UBS expects the same group of challengers, plus Tesla's zippy electric cars and DS models from PSAPeugeot-Citroen, to grab 30 percent of global premium salesgrowth in 2014-18, raising their current 12.5 percent marketshare.

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Coming to the Yankees before the 1996 season on a recommendation from Gene Michael, a chief architect of those championship teams, turned everything upside down for Torre — even the No. 9 he wore through most of his playing days. That had been retired in honor of Roger Maris, so Torre flipped it. The New York media ridiculed Yankees owner George Steinbrenner and skeptically cast Torre’s hiring with headlines like "Clueless Joe."

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The owners have only spoken to scotch concerns that the buyer was a Russian oligarch or “faceless” investment firm, either of which, it was feared, might carry out extensive developments in an area that has hardly changed in the past century.

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Now Jim Caldwell, Scottish secretary of the FDA, the union for top civil servants, tells The Sunday Telegraph that he has received “more than 30” complaints from Scottish mandarins about issues connected with the referendum – mostly, he says, to do with workload, but a number raising concerns about a loss of impartiality.

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From that high point, we steadily drifted away from the supply-and-demand model — toward one in which government increasingly managed development and professed to hold all the keys to protecting affordability even as rents for most New Yorkers grew ever more unaffordable.

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On Saturday afternoon, a beleaguered unit took another hit. Guard Geoff Schwartz, who had suffered a dislocated toe in Friday’s win over the Jets, was sent to visit Dr. Robert Anderson, a noted foot specialist, in North Carolina, and the franchise could only hold its breath.

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"I think he must be quite excited about what's going to happen soon. And with the wedding and everything, I'm sure he's going through a great spell at the moment with winning Wimbledon, top of it, so things are great for him.

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About 800 individuals assessed as at risk of terrorism have been dealt with by Channel. Programme workers, mostly freelance, meet and talk to them, often one-to-one, to dissuade them from radicalisation.

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This not-so-rigorous analysis fell apart when the research division at the Scottish parliament pointed out that there are only 64,000 economically inactive mothers of one- to five-year-olds in the whole country.

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SIR – David Cameron does well to join the dots with regard to the fight against extremism, however in listing possible allies he includes sponsors of terrorism, such as Iran, and excludes the only democracy in the Middle East, Israel.

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The Yankees hold a team meeting on Thursday, we’re told what a rousing meeting it is, and then they go out and score three runs against the Astros and get crazy with four more against the White Sox on Friday night.

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All the Giants can do is rebuild their O-line all over again. Schwartz was one of the jewels of the offseason, a big, powerful guard who had spearheaded a renewed Kansas City Chiefs attack last season. But Coughlin experimented with several line configurations last week, rotating other players in at left guard frequently.

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In doing so, Lichterman has shone a light inside women’s bodies, minds and moods. Ever wondered why something feels like a great idea one day, but disastrous the next? Our hormones might just be the reason.