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The Knights need to regain momentum on the recruiting front to keep up. The top 15 prospects in the state last year went elsewhere. Worse yet, Penn State’s new coach James Franklin has re-opened the recruiting pipeline from New Jersey to Eastern Pennsylvania Rutgers thought it had sealed off. He has two of the top five New Jersey prospects, according to, in his incoming freshman class and another six top recruits from the state set to join his program in 2015. Franklin was quick to broadcast the news, too, telling a PSU booster-club gathering that Rutgers and Maryland “have no chance” against the Nittany Lions.

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The addition of Love, who will team up with recently-signed four-time league most valuable player LeBron James and exciting young talent Kyrie Irving, further solidifies the Cavaliers as a favorite to represent the Eastern Conference in the NBA Finals.

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Rutherford will be less than three months shy of his 29th birthday when he attempts to complete that feat in Beijing next summer, an age that puts him firmly among the ‘veteran’ ranks in an increasingly youthful British team looking to build on their 23 European medals from last week.

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We reached Seville via flight from Barcelona. We rented a car and immediately left town for Granada, a 2-hour drive. We didn’t know it at the time, but this was exactly the right way to do this trip, as a car allowed us flexibility in planning and logistics and Seville served as the perfect final destination. It was also cheap: we rented a car for 10 days (and only used it 8; it wasn’t needed in Seville, so we dropped it off early) for under $200; fuel, parking and tolls added another $150.

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And "Nancy's Last Dance," one of the new stories written for the second movie, is a sequel to the events of "Bastard." In the first movie, Hartigan kills himself so that the powerful Sen. Roark — the father of the now deceased "Bastard" —can't torture him to find and kill Nancy. The comics leave the story there.