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“He cares about his reputation, but he’s had movie flops. He wasn’t counting on dealing with the people who paid for this disaster, even if the lead producer is his sister,” said the source.

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Another form of recreation, a bit closer to home, does not much appeal to Murray, who said he was not inclined to watch his tennis coaching mother, Judy, strut her dance moves on the British television show "Strictly Come Dancing".

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"Steep discounts and attractive financing show hownon-exclusive premium cars have become," Ellinghorst said. Leftunchecked, "the race to sell more vehicles will eventuallydamage brand equity and profitability".

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The ten activists, most of whom were unemployed and seeking jobs, were sent as emissaries for a coalition of advocacy groups that has launched an unusual campaign from the left to press the U.S. central bank to keep monetary policy easy.

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The Gannett Foundation awards grants to community groups in areas served by their newspapers - including schemes for economic development, youth work, education, culture and help for disabled and disadvantaged people.

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But the poison had already began spreading throughout Mr Meshaal's system, slowly inducing partial paralysis on the way. The Hamas leader was rushed to a Jordanian hospital and hooked up to a life-support machine but, despite the best medical services available, was given only a few days to live.

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"They have rebelled against everything that is familiar to them, but instead of mohicans and face piercings, they have opted for the YouTube glory of becoming an internationally wanted terrorist at war with the superpower that is the US," he adds.

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The last time the Atlantic current shifted was around 2000. Since then, the change in the global annual mean surface air temperature has held steady around .5 degree Celsius (.9 degree Fahrenheit) above the base period average set from 1951 to 1980, according to data from NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies.