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The best way to combat the problem is for the public to avoid consuming food in the open air, to dispose of any food waste in a bin with a lid and definitely not to feed such birds with titbits. That is easier said than achieved.

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On the next tour, Prince refused to let her fly home for her grandmother’s funeral. “He was my boss, he reminded me. He signed the paychecks,” she writes. She stayed, but after that she refused to cash those checks, sometimes tearing them up in front of him. It was all but over.

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The controls you describe are electronic attachments that sit on top of standard thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) and can be programmed to adjust the room temperature at set times of the day.

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Ledecky fell behind world-record splits before the halfway mark but was back in front of pace with two-thirds of the race to go and kept putting distance between herself and the old record in the last laps.

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In a sign of deep divisions between Libya's regions andpolitical factions the House of Representative declared theOperation Dawn as well as militant Islamists like the Ansaral-Sharia as "terrorist groups".

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“I’m not concerned about putting back the calories,” says Megan Eiss-Proctor, 36, from the Upper West Side. “I want to feel awesome after working out, and the wine and healthy snacks after a class make me feel great.”

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And was it just a coincidence shortly after Simms/Dungy ran their mouths an interview ESPN’s Mike Ditka did earlier this month with RedskinHistorian.com suddenly surfaced? Ditka was over the top and outrageous taking the opposite side of the issue.

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With no end in sight to fighting now in its seventh week, Netanyahu's tough talk could indicate a move towards bolder strikes in densely populated neighbourhoods, even at the risk of raising more international alarm.

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The treatment options depend on the degree of the arthritis. “For early stage patients, it can be enough to do a rehab program, gentle stretching and strengthening, and to take a pain reliever when it’s sore,” says McCann. “Once there’s bone on bone friction, exercises and rehab aren’t recommended, because it’s like beating a dead horse."

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A glance at a typical Chinese internet message board would seem to prove his point. “She really speaks from the heart” read one comment after Yao posted a message about her 2011 divorce from the actor Ling Xiao Su. (She is now married to the cinematographer Cao Yu, and the couple have a baby son whose name is kept secret for security reasons.) “She’s the least fake of allthe celebrities,” reads another. “Not a hypocrite like the others…”

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“This is perfect,” says Brooke Russ, 34, from Chelsea, sipping the PB&J shake (293 calories). “It tastes just like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. And I like that the menu shows the calorie and protein counts, so I know what I’m getting.”

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In the last two weeks, Melvin has seen his starting rotation get a most unexpected boost from Mike Fiers, a 29-year-old righthander who was called up from Triple-A Nashville to fill in for the injured Matt Garza and proceeded to reel off three straight gems against the Dodgers, Cubs and Blue Jays, respectively, in which he yielded two earned runs with 25 strikeouts over 21 innings.

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Wears a wetsuit so he can remain in the sea for longer in order to look after his two children, although he conceded: “It’s warm enough out there, Swimming without a wetsuit would be doable.”