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But above all, not content to have helped fell the mastermind behind the scam, the vintner-turned-sleuth has also set his sights on two people he insists were the swindler's "accomplices", and whom he intends to unmask in a book he will release by the end of the year.

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"In other words, they're doubling dipping to beef up andmaximize their profit margins," the executive said. "This is thekind of cartel you deal with in Southeast Asia with Japanesesuppliers, and that's not the exception, but the typicalbusiness condition we deal with routinely around the world."

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Subject knowledge is often taken for granted and is not dwelt on in interviews, she says, although there are exceptions. Aspiring medical students would be expected to demonstrate a good knowledge of anatomy, for example.

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Project A.L.S. and partners will continue to do what we’ve been doing for the last decade. With your help, we will direct additional firepower to research already in progress. That includes identifying more genes and stressors that predispose particular people to ALS, finding new therapeutic targets, and building productive alliances between academic research institutions and drug companies.

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"Today is the so-called independence day of what was Ukraine. And look what has happened to their equipment. This is what has become of Ukraine" said a pro-Russian rebel fighter who identified herself by her battle name, Nursa, pointing at the remains of a Ukrainian troop transport.

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A good thing about rising oestrogen is that it makes our senses sharper and prompts our brains to churn out feel-good chemicals. I’ve always wondered why chocolate tastes so amazing during my period. Now that I know it won’t taste this good all month, I enjoy every mouthful.

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Bitcoin is giving banks a run for their money. Now the same technology threatens to eradicate social networks, stock markets, even national governments. Are we heading towards an anarchic future where centralised power of any kind will dissolve?