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A senior military official confirmed that Israel has a policy of striking at buildings containing Hamas operational centers or those from which military activities are launched. The official said each strike required prior approval from military lawyers and is carried out only after the local population is warned.

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BYD and other Chinese carmakers such as Geely AutomobileHoldings Ltd and Chery Automobile Co Ltd are losing market share to foreign rivals Volkswagen AG, General Motors Co and Ford Motor Corp as competition grows in the lower-end of China's auto market.

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Now, to avoid future poor-door fiascos, the city will have to watch every cluster of affordable units with hawklike vigilance, getting government ever more involved in a sector in which it’s already too deeply involved. This is economically unhealthy and wildly unrealistic.

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From Nazi war criminals to jewel thieves and professional con men, he’s seen them all. And he’s slapped cuffs on most of ’em. But there’s still one standout when it comes to Ramban’s most amazing gets: the search to find Jesse Hilsen — an elusive, short, chubby psychiatrist from the Upper East Side who bizarrely ended up as the manager for the glam-rock band Kiss.

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"Supported by the broad economy of the UK we know that our pensions are safe. With Alex Salmond's independence our pensions are not. He is a man of two certainties. His passion and enthusiasm for what he wants and his complete and utter inability to tell the rest of us what we would get.

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Bitcoin is giving banks a run for their money. Now the same technology threatens to eradicate social networks, stock markets, even national governments. Are we heading towards an anarchic future where centralised power of any kind will dissolve?

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The airline wants a ban on Ex-Im Bank backing for deals tobuy wide-body aircraft, such as Boeing's 747s. Boeing says thatwithout Ex-Im Bank financing, airlines around the world wouldbuy Airbus planes, usually with French or German export creditsubsidies.

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And, whether you make like Ferne and coordinate your look for a minimal head-to-toe vibe, or contrast it with a pair of colour-popping heels, this one-piece is guaranteed to get heads turning wherever you go. Click through to their website now to pick this little gem up before it's too late, or shop our pick of the best to find your perfect fit.

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Mrs Cooper also urged Home Secretary Theresa May to "rethink her decision four years ago to end control orders and replace them with the weaker Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures Act".

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"We hope that once that government is formed and operating we will then be able to get behind the Iraqi government, the Iraqi security forces, and help the Iraqi state to push back against this insurgent organisation."

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The United Nations says more than 2,000 people have been killed since the conflict erupted in April in Ukraine's mainly Russian-speaking east following Russia's annexation of Crimea. The death toll accelerated in the past few weeks, as Ukrainian forces went on the offensive.

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New York Police Department officers lined blocked streets near the march. Still, police said no arrests were made by the time the rally wound down in the late afternoon, and some officers handed bottles of water to protesters.

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Fisher took a cautious approach with the 26-year-old Bradford in training camp and delayed the QB's exhibition debut until last week against Green Bay. Bradford played well, completing 9 of 12 passes for 101 yards, and Fisher had hoped to give him more time against the Browns.

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With Dhimankara now under the captivity of Boko Haram, which has now increased the frontiers of the insurgents, the hope of an immediate reclaim of the recaptured Gwoza territory continues to plunge by the day, as sources within the Nigerian Army said they are not yet ready to send soldiers to Gwoza town.

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"I call on the inhabitants of Gaza to evacuate immediately from every site from which Hamas is carrying out terrorist activity. Every one of these places is a target for us," Netanyahu said in public remarks at a cabinet meeting.

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Despite their investment clout and model proliferation, aslow start in hybrids - which combine a combustion engine andelectric motor - has left a chink in the German armour,especially in markets where gas guzzlers incur punitive taxes.

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Obama wants to know whether the programs, which were expanded after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, are appropriate and whether state and local law enforcement are given proper training, the official said.

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And the Yankees, who know how to do these things better than any team in baseball because they’ve had so much practice, made sure of it being a most special day for Torre — the kind of special day he surely could not have imagined back in 2007 when he and the Bombers, whom he took to the postseason all 12 of his seasons as manager, parted ways under such acrimonious circumstances. No doubt, in retrospect, he realizes that all wounds eventually heal and that the good times and, in the end, the great accomplishments (which for him were many) are all that matter and all that anyone cares about. Heck, Billy Martin was fired five times as Yankee manager and that didn’t stop George Steinbrenner from retiring his number, even if it was out of guilt.

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Asked if she would consider it an unsuccessful season if she does not make it 18 in New York, the 32-year-old said: "Probably, yes. But there's always next year and the year after, so you don't give up.

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Ebola, which is passed on by direct contact with the bodily fluids of infected persons, strikes hardest at healthcare providers and caregivers who work closely with those infected. And dozens of local doctors and nurses have died from the virus in recent months.

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Nothing is funny twice - I mean that. In fact, most things that are meant to be funny aren't even funny once, let alone twice. But in that case - I can hear your protests helium-squeaking through the ether - why do people repeat anecdotes, jokes and witticisms with such frequency? Why do we listen to and watch repeats of comedy programmes? Why do we chuckle indulgently when our partners tell the assembled company about the amusing thing that happened to them in Madeira - or possibly Margate - although we've heard it recounted 10,000 times before, and every fibre of our being cries out not to laugh, but to commit a grievous assault upon their repetitive person? The answer is that humour is not produced by a formula or a recipe - guffaws cannot be arrived at by a series of mathematical operations. You understand this soon enough if you speak to anyone who works in the burgeoning academic field of comedy studies.

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Israel has said Hamas bears responsibility for civilian casualties because it operates among non-combatants. The group, it said, uses schools and mosques to store weapons and as launching sites for cross-border rocket attacks.

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China last week fined a dozen Japanese parts makers a record$201 million for manipulating prices, while inthe United States, 28 firms including Denso and Yazaki and morethan two dozen executives have in recent years agreed to pay$2.4 billion in fines, according to the Justice Department.

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Obama's attempt at rest and relaxation was largely overtaken by events involving Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria, and protests in Ferguson, Missouri, linked to the fatal police shooting of an unarmed black man.

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This major American movie director always hated Hollywood. “This place is poison for an artist,” he wrote in 1936. “It’s immensely pleasurable and almost inevitable to begin believing that this toy make believe is the world.” He acted in a couple of films by Anatole Litvak (“Litvak is no director at all”), went to war as a theatre consultant, then directed A Tree Grows in Brooklyn in 1945, about immigrant life in New York at the turn of the century. Kazan called it “mushy”, but it is extraordinarily moving, partly through wonderful performances by Peggy Ann Garner and Dorothy Maguire.

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Seville is the first city I’ve ever visited where the first sense enabled was smell — the heavenly bouquet of countless orange trees is a constant companion as you amble down ancient streets and modern boulevards. There is even a local perfume aptly named “Agua de Sevilla.”

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Outbreaks in Central Africa lasted six to eight weeks, so when infections ebbed early in the epidemic, many assumed the worst had passed. It turned out to be a lull as relatives hid victims rather than going to hospitals regarded as death traps and a massive second wave of infection caught governments and international aid donors off guard.

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China last week fined a dozen Japanese parts makers a record$201 million for manipulating prices, while inthe United States, 28 firms including Denso and Yazaki and morethan two dozen executives have in recent years agreed to pay$2.4 billion in fines, according to the Justice Department.

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And the new Shake Track & Field and 5 Napkin Burger running clubs that kicked off in spring invite joggers to regroup at their restaurants for discounted beers, burgers and shakes — which could also undo the workout you just did.

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Shogo Takeda got more than he bargained for in the timed finals of the 800 freestyle when he was stopped in the third lap due to a technical timing fault. He returned at the end of the morning program and, swimming alone, completed the 800 in 8:01.53, smiling wryly as he left the pool for the second time.

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A number of baseball greats were on hand at the pregame ceremony, including Jim Leyland, Tony LaRussa, Gene Monahan, Lee Mazilli, Jose Cardenal. Current and former Yankees were there as well, including Ron Guidry, Willie Randolph, Reggie Jackson, David Cone, Hideki Matsui, Paul O’Neill, Tino Martinez, Bernie Williams, Jorge Posada, Andy Pettitte and Yogi Berra.

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We reached Seville via flight from Barcelona. We rented a car and immediately left town for Granada, a 2-hour drive. We didn’t know it at the time, but this was exactly the right way to do this trip, as a car allowed us flexibility in planning and logistics and Seville served as the perfect final destination. It was also cheap: we rented a car for 10 days (and only used it 8; it wasn’t needed in Seville, so we dropped it off early) for under $200; fuel, parking and tolls added another $150.

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The Cavs and Timberwolves have been discussing a trade involving for Love for months, long before James decided to leave Miami and come back home to Ohio. The deal dragged on through the summer, first because of Cleveland’s unwillingness to include Wiggins in any package, and then due to the 30-day provision.

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To block calls on an iPhone with iOS 7 or later, open the Phone or FaceTime app. If the person is already a contact, tap his name, scroll to the bottom of the page and tap Block This Caller. Then tap Block Contact.

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Kazan was born in Anatolia in 1909, part of a persecuted Greek minority, and came to the United States aged four. He refused to go into his dominating father’s carpet business and attended Williams College, then Yale to study drama – from which he joined the New York Group Theatre. In 1932, a report declared he had “no actor’s emotion”, and he worked initially as an efficient stage manager, earning the nickname “Gadget”, shortened to “Gadg”. His friend John Steinbeck later expressed distaste for the name, and, in 1960, Kazan, ever self-questioning, saw the downside as well: “GADG suggests ever-ready compliance, a subservient, scattershot friendliness and an adaptability which made it possible for me to be the 'necessary’ thing to any man.” He resented even at the time being patronised, but his burning ambition was already there, and he was accumulating “the Raw Materials of the Director”. He lived the theatre to the full, but two years before directing his first film he declared: “For years – since Williams College, I wanted to be a director of Movies. That was my ambition.”

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Vendors will meet with representatives of the NYPD on Aug. 26 to clarify and discuss “all issues pertaining to the annual West Indian Carnival on Eastern Parkway on Monday, Labor Day,” said carnival officials, adding that the sit-down will address set-up times, the parade’s ending time and vendor stall breakdown, trash disposal and other issues.

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Russia is one of McDonald's top markets outside of North American and Canada; Dvorkovich's answer will therefore likely reassure investors in the brand, which is one of the most potent symbols of American capitalism around the world.

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Superior scale also brings cost advantages - from researchto production and marketing - that are not going away. BMW hasled the charge into new niches, launching dozens of modelsincluding SUVs in every size category, with Audi close behind.

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This year, Nott took on a leadership role to plan the Sept. 9 vigil. Working closely with her co-organizers Tarsha Raker Henry and Lauren Heath, as well as MHA’s suicide prevention coordinator Justina Wade, they added a new aspect to the event.

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The epicenter was 31 miles (50 km) north-northeast of theport city of Valparaiso, the U.S. Geological Survey said. Thequake, which the USGS originally reported at magnitude 6.3, hitat a depth of 20 miles (32 km).

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Images of police wielding military-style guns and armor have shocked many Americans following clashes that were triggered by the fatal shooting of a black teenager, Michael Brown, by a white police officer in Ferguson two weeks ago.

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Mr Ponsot's personal crusade against Mr Kurniawan began at an auction on April 25, 2008, when the Indonesian-born collector was still considered by many to be a tasting genius, possessing perhaps the greatest wine cellar in the world and the ability to unearth the rarest of vintages.

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Based on demonstrations and interviews with other news sources, it appears that Coin works by scanning your credit card with a magnetic stripe card reader, storing that information either on your device or on Coin’s servers, and then distributing that information to your Coin card when you want to add a card to it. This entire process goes against the PCI cardinal rule not to store a credit card’s magnetic stripe information. This is because in the U.S. a magnetic stripe contains everything needed to execute a transaction. Storing this means you won’t need the card with you to use it (just as Coin is intended) but it also means anyone with your credit card for about five minutes (such as in a restaurant) can use Coin to duplicate your card without your knowledge.

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Asked about her relationship to Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin, an occasional neighbour, Gabaldon says the two see eachother every couple of months to exchange gossip. “George very kindly paved the way for me to do this,” she smiles.