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The Gulf state is home to exiled Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal and is a key financial patron for the Gaza Strip, which Hamas controls. Qatar denies financially backing Hamas, however, and has sought to play a role in brokering a truce to end fighting between the group and Israel.

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The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition features several articles in its August issue on research studies at various institutions that looked at breakfast and its reported nutritional value. The research does not support the idea that breakfast has a strong impact on a person’s day.

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Torre bragged on his old players, and he spoke Saturday about how his wife suggested serendipitously that he choose No. 6, instead of No. 2, because he could turn it around and it would be his old No. 9. He thanked George Steinbrenner in his ballpark speech, didn’t forget him this time. His own daughter, Andrea, surprised him Saturday by singing the national anthem.

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Bristol spies say ESPN won’t be doing anything different (such as increasing its marketing effort) for its Thursday night college football package. Through SportsCenter, ESPN will cover the Thursday night NFL tilts.

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Household names such as Boeing Co, Caterpillar Inc and General Electric Co are big beneficiaries ofthe bank's services. Ex-Im Bank's critics say aidingwell-established firms such as those serves little purpose andputs taxpayers at risk.

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“If that didn’t work, the committee could revisit that and increase the size of the program if we thought that was necessary,” Bullard said in an interview yesterday with Kathleen Hays on Bloomberg Radio in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

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The converse applies when oil prices fall. In other words, the only reserves of oil that are meaningful are commercial reserves. If a government imposes a high or uncertain tax regime on its oil industry then that reduces the incentive for the industry to invest in finding new oil reserves.

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"I'm an economist - I love the property tax," said MagdalenaAndersson of the poll-topping Social Democrats, who is widelytipped to be Sweden's next finance minister. "But the Swedishpeople hate it and don't want to pay it, so let them pay othertaxes," she told Reuters in an interview.

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A New Hampshire couple won a $2.4-million jackpot at a vaunted Las Vegas slot machine, ending a 20-year run in which many contestants tried and failed to coax a giant payout from the recalcitrant machine.

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The U.S. complaint concerned an Aug. 19 encounter about 215km (135 miles) east of China's Hainan Island in which a Chinesefighter jet came within metres of the U.S. aircraft performingacrobatic manoeuvres around it, the U.S. side said.

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The Pentagon has transferred more than $4 billion of equipment including armored vehicles, tents, rifles and night-vision goggles to local and state agencies since 2006, of which about 36 percent involved new equipment.

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Irwindale, the Los Angeles suburb of about 1,500 people, had sued the company and declared the plant a public nuisance after some nearby residents complained of an eye-watering, throat-closing odor during grinding season.

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But rest assured, I'm not going to use the rest of our time together to recount such formerly amusing incidents. I only raised this one to underscore the fact that humour is, by and large, situational. "You had to be there" is something often said when an anecdote falls flat, just as "It's the way she tells them" is the explanation for why we've succumbed yet again to a hopelessly old joke. Timing, serendipity, the chance concatenation of otherwise irreconcilable phenomena, the shock of the new - these are the elements that combine to produce that sublime moment of hilarious abandonment, they cannot ever be precisely repeated, try as we might. And we do try - and how very trying it is. Not just the old school friend, who even well into middle age hasn't quite grasped that his party piece has become a desiccated fig leaf barely hiding his unfunny bone, but the continuous canned laughter that accompanies the situational comedy of our own unfunny lives.

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Our correspondent in Tripoli says there were unconfirmed reports of battles continuing between rival armed groups on the outskirts of the city on Saturday evening. Explosions could also be heard in the capital.