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A properly constructed gravel drive or path is like an iceberg, in that 90 per cent of it is out of sight, below the surface. You need to excavate and remove the topsoil, line the subsoil with a geotextile, then lay and compact hardcore. Follow this with a layer of compacted “hoggin” – compacted clay, gravel and sand. This is then sprayed with hot bitumen, and has a layer of pea shingle rolled into it. The final “wearing surface” of pea shingle is spread on top of this. So your finished gravel path is actually only two stones deep – one stuck into the bitumen, the other floating on top of it.

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A lifelong Republican, Charles Goodell played a major role in getting the House Education and Labor Committee to pass, over strong Republican opposition, much of the Great Society legislation that would be the signature achievement of Democratic President Lyndon Johnson.

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It is quite notable that the Tab Pro 12.2 didn’t stutter nor break under the huge amount it needed to process while doing those processor-heavy tasks. With its stuff under the hood, everything has been just a breeze.

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Past “Video Vanguard” honorees have skewed as cynically low as Bon Jovi, in 1991, and Britney Spears, in 2011 — stars whose directors are in no danger of being mistaken for Martin Scorsese anytime soon.

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So how much faith should shareholders have in Marshall? The 57 year-old is a veteran of some bruising boardroom battles over the years, having become renowned as something of a company troubleshooter.

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The people in charge of the Giants, starting with general manager Jerry Reese — who has two Super Bowl rings, the same as Coughlin and Eli do — have to be right about all the new players he has brought here. They have to be right about the new offensive coordinator, just because it is hard to believe the Giants can miss the playoffs for a third straight season without profound changes.

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The WHO does not recommend travel or trade restrictions forcountries affected by Ebola, saying such measures could heightenfood and supply shortages. But residents of Ivory Coast'scommercial capital Abidjan voiced support for the government'sdecision.

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Seville’s vibe is pure “slow down.” There’s no rush here, and plenty of sidewalk and plaza cafes to oblige. You’ll find lots of shopping, both local and Euro-chains, and a vibrant flamenco dancing scene. Sevillanos also really go in for Holy Week — bars play videos of processions from years past. Spend the night hopping from bar to bar sampling the tapas each is known for. That’s what the locals do, and we found them quite helpful for recommendations.

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Speaking at a global central banking conference in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Draghi said he is confident that the steps already announced, helped by a weaker euro, would boost demand in the ailing economic bloc.

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European Union leaders meet in Brussels on Saturday and withtheir agenda dominated by geopolitical crises spanning Ukraine,Iraq, Gaza and the Ebola outbreak in West Africa they may ignorethe region's clearly deteriorating economic backdrop.

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Although Mr Ben David was with his daughter and his three grandchildren at the time, no one was hurt. But their closeness to death or injury prompted him to appeal to Mr Meshaal, via a letter published in a newspaper, reminding him of the failed Mossad operation whose aftermath he had been involved in.