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For well over a week, authorities had arrested dozens nightly in clashes with demonstrators, drawing attention to often-troubled U.S. race relations. Police were criticized for mass arrests and use of heavy-handed tactics and military gear, which was widely seen as stoking an already volatile situation.

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Ebola, which is passed on by direct contact with the bodily fluids of infected persons, strikes hardest at healthcare providers and caregivers who work closely with those infected. And dozens of local doctors and nurses have died from the virus in recent months.

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Now Jim Caldwell, Scottish secretary of the FDA, the union for top civil servants, tells The Sunday Telegraph that he has received “more than 30” complaints from Scottish mandarins about issues connected with the referendum – mostly, he says, to do with workload, but a number raising concerns about a loss of impartiality.

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If there is one positive that has come out of this summer for the Giants’ offense — and it might be the only positive — it’s that their ground game seems to be as strong as it’s been in years. The Giants appear to have hit on running back Rashad Jennings, one of their top free-agent pickups, and scored with the pick of Andre Williams in the fourth round of the draft.

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When Ebola struck, Khan converted the bungalows of the clinic into an Ebola treatment center, erecting a makeshift tarpaulin ward outside with 50 beds in three rows. With no proven cure, doctors simply tried to keep patients hydrated and free from other diseases as Ebola attacked their immune system.

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The United Nations says more than 2,000 people have been killed since the conflict erupted in April in Ukraine's mainly Russian-speaking east following Russia's annexation of Crimea. The death toll accelerated in the past few weeks, as Ukrainian forces went on the offensive.

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“I feel more pressure to succeed with this because there are so many jobs at stake on this show,” Vieira says. “I didn’t feel the same when it wasn’t really my show, but here there are over 90 people working. You can’t be cavalier with that. It’s a lot of people who have faith in me and I don’t want to let them down. It’s very humbling and scary.”

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"The Bank of Japan's price stability target can serve as abenchmark for wage setting," he added, speaking on a panelalongside central bankers from Brazil and Britain. "Once thebank has succeeded in firmly anchoring (inflation) expectationsat 2 percent this could provide the basis on which wagenegotiations are conducted."

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Seville’s vibe is pure “slow down.” There’s no rush here, and plenty of sidewalk and plaza cafes to oblige. You’ll find lots of shopping, both local and Euro-chains, and a vibrant flamenco dancing scene. Sevillanos also really go in for Holy Week — bars play videos of processions from years past. Spend the night hopping from bar to bar sampling the tapas each is known for. That’s what the locals do, and we found them quite helpful for recommendations.

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On April 27 Mr Mancor provided these. This time he received an estimated bill of 472, and was promised a final bill was on its way. He was advised the total would be higher to include the full 18-month period.

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A counterterrorism source told Fox News that the investigation was moving forward and slowly eliminating individuals of interest. The source also told Fox News that the FBI had opened a crisis file shortly after Foley was kidnapped in northern Syria in November 2012 that included signals intelligence and interviews with former hostages.

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The mostly white crowd rallied outside of Barney’s Sports Pub in St. Louis, holding signs that read “We love cops” and wearing shirts bearing a print of a police badge and the words “Officer Darren Wilson I Stand By You.”

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Researchers from the universities of California Riverside and Michigan have discovered that just one malware infected app can compromise other apps installed on the phone. By exploiting this weakness, hackers can gain access to popular apps like H&R Block, Chase Bank, and Gmail on Android based phones. The same vulnerability might also exist on other platforms like Windows Phone and iOS. However, they haven’t assessed that yet.

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Girardi and O’Neill were once the two Yankees who Torre entrusted to tell their teammates he’d been diagnosed with prostate cancer. That couldn’t have been easy for any of them, but then here was Torre on his special day looking fit, calm and full of a future.