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And speaking of Steinbrenner, Torre made sure to make prominent mention of The Boss this time, after inadvertently glossing over him in his Hall of Fame speech in Cooperstown. It was Gene Michael who had recommended him to Steinbrenner, Torre acknowledged, “but it was George who gave me the greatest opportunity I ever had in my professional life and I’m forever grateful for the opportunity of entrusting me with this team.”

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For now, the Germans remain firmly on top. Their combinedsales amounted to 4.7 million vehicles last year, almost 60percent of the global luxury car market, according to consultingfirm IHS Automotive.

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The best news about these heels is that they will instantly glam up even the most basic outfits, which comes as music to our ears considering the normcore trend is making waves as fashion's new beat.

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Dubya spent one full year of his eight troubled years on vacation, but his image maker, Karl Rove didn’t. He let it be known that he and W competed to see who read the most books. When? Between shooting doves? In his case it was the perception of being stupid.

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This man’s illness is so serious that there was a warrant issued for his arrest. The young man, age 24, named Agustin Zeferino recently decided to stop treatment for his highly contagious disease. What are we talking about, a drug-resistant form of tuberculosis.

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He said: “Historically, cinema-going was a very cheap pastime. It was mass consumption and mass leisure – particularly in the Thirties, with the depression, and in the Second World War, where there wasn’t very much money to go around.”

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And, whether you make like Ferne and coordinate your look for a minimal head-to-toe vibe, or contrast it with a pair of colour-popping heels, this one-piece is guaranteed to get heads turning wherever you go. Click through to their website now to pick this little gem up before it's too late, or shop our pick of the best to find your perfect fit.

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The man who wore No. 6, that number now retired along with Ruth’s 3 and Gehrig’s 4 and DiMaggio’s 5 and Mantle’s 7 and Yogi’s 8, then spoke of being carried out to Monument Park, where the most famous Yankees are honored and remembered “on the shoulders of some very special players.”

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The race features a mix of seasoned politicians, political newcomers and the sitting president. Their platforms include securing water rights, enticing business to an area with a more than 50 percent unemployment rate, involving Navajos in decisions on government structure, and promoting tribal culture and tradition.

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Cartilage is crucial for movement because because it provides cushioning between the bones where they meet in the joint. “What I tell patients with osteoarthritis is that their cartilage is like rubber on your tire,” says McCann, “If you wear it down long enough and don’t have a way to replace it, then it wears down to the bone.” Because osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease also related to activity, the group at highest risk is the middle-aged athlete.

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Wider statistics show that blacks are more likely to be stopped and searched, less likely to attend a leading college, and less likely to be represented in the top professions. Black median income has fallen to a little more than half of whites’.

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Opposition to renewing the bank's charter includesinfluential lawmakers such as new House Majority Leader KevinMcCarthy and House Financial Services Committee Chairman JebHensarling, both Republicans.

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Johnson was to host an after-party at a downtown San Jose nightclub, following the sold-out Wiz Khalifa show at Shoreline. But as the young rapper's show came to an end, Johnson was shot several times.