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West Midlands Police, which runs Channel locally, has a close alliance with Green Lane and defended it against the Dispatches claims. Individuals linked to another ultra-conservative Salafi mosque in Birmingham, Wright Street, also work for Channel.

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The U.S. complaint concerned an Aug. 19 encounter about 215km (135 miles) east of China's Hainan Island in which a Chinesefighter jet came within metres of the U.S. aircraft performingacrobatic manoeuvres around it, the U.S. side said.

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Back at the White House, Obama will have to decide whether Foley's killing and the broader threat the Islamist State extremist group poses to U.S. interests in the region and elsewhere is reason enough to now seek to intervene militarily in Syria. He has resisted going that route for three years, even as the death toll in Syria's civil war approached 200,000, the government used chemical weapons against its people and the Islamic State group grew more powerful amid the chaos.

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The second “surprise” — which prompted more choking up — was Torre’s daughter, Andrea, performing the national anthem with a couple of her girlfriends. It was a day all about numbers, the Yankees properly honoring a man who did what no other manager will likely ever do in this era of three-tiered playoffs and revenue-sharing parity, and that was to win four world championships in five years. And, as Torre noted, “three outs shy of four straight world championships (in 2001).” And now his plaque and retired number go up in Monument Cave, alongside those of The Babe, The Iron Horse, The Yankee Clipper, the Mick, and Yogi, who was also there for the occasion. “When you know the neighborhood going in, Torre said, “that’s pretty cool.”

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They were behind early on Saturday. But then in the second inning, they came right back to take a 4-3 lead. Trey Hondras hit a home run. Marquis Jackson and Darion Radcliff got big hits. Then the team from Las Vegas came back again, a kid named Brad Stone hitting one over the left-field wall. Now it was 5-4. For a moment Joshua Houston was face down in the grass, as if Stone’s swing had knocked him down.

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Israeli aircraft first fired a non-explosive rocket at the building, a sign to residents to get out, before attacking it on Saturday. Seventeen people were wounded in the strike on the structure, which Israel said had housed a Hamas command centre.

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Loose Cannon: Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey are no longer one. They’re living as two. Maybe it’s because Cannon has taken to wearing outfits on “America’s Got Talent” that make Mariah look demure and tasteful ... Flaw-More: Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said the mission to rescue James Foley was a “flawless operation.” And it was, except that they showed up at the wrong address and it failed miserably. Saving deserter Bowe Bergdahl was the flawless one ... In the Pitts: The National Enquirer reported that Brad Pitt became enraged after finding out that Angelina Jolie had partied with child perv/model Dean Kelly after winning her Oscar in 2000. Shocked? Was this before or after announcing she was in love with her brother and kissing him like she now kisses Pitt?

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Obama has long resisted intervening in the Syrian civil war and had limited the U.S. military’s role in Iraq to protecting American personnel there and preventing ISIS from slaughtering tens of thousands of Yazidis.

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The punchless Yankees scored more than four runs in a game for the first time since Aug. 8, a span of 11 games in which they went 4-7. The outburst, if you can call it that, added some sizzle to a day in which they celebrated Joe Torre’s managerial career and retired his No. 6 jersey in front of a sellout crowd of 47,594 at the Stadium.

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However in 1993 the Vulcan was grounded, much to the dismay of thousands of the plane's fans, including Dr Robert Pleming, chief executive of the Vulcan to the Sky Trust, who in 1997 began to process of returning the Vulcan to the skies.