Pascale-Sophie Kaparis has been working for some time on a series of ink drawings which she calls self-portraits, but are abstract at first sight. In red ink she draws forms that look like plants or fruit.These are connected to form a system, one form logically linked up with the other. In the middle of the representation a horizontal line has been drawn, transecting the whole. After a while you realize that the organic system represents the opened out interior of a body, abruptly divided into two by the horizontal caesura in the middle of the representation. This also summons up the image of a water surface with one half submerged and one sticking out above it. In a recent series of lithos she also uses a cluster of organic forms. She starts from a printed basic form which is subsequently expanded and covered with red ink and Tipp Ex. This produces elaborate as well as restrained variations that can hardly be traced back to the printed form from which she departed.

Maurits van de Laar - 2011
twenty, 20 years Galerie Maurits van de Laar

Zelfportret Strangle, 2011, ink and Tipp Ex on paper, 50 x 65 cm