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To fight criminals, the police should now use their most stern of looks rather than firearms. They should do as Obama does when handling bad guys like Putin, ISIS, etc. You know, drawing a red line and all.

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Brian Tayan, a researcher at Stanford Graduate School of Business, blamed these slip-ups on “growing pains that come from having a trust-based culture in a world that requires compliance procedures.” In the end,investors will just have to decide if the compliance errors mean anything to them, he told Bloomberg.

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A Maserati push is making headway, with first-half shipmentsquadrupling on new models launched under Fiat Chrysler bossSergio Marchionne, who hopes a revived Alfa can also use itspedigree to outrun upstarts such as Infiniti and DS.

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Said Terry Collins: “In my time here, I haven’t seen him scuffle like he is right now. My daily conversations with him are that he is not hurt, he is healthy. I certainly don’t have an answer for why he is going through what he is going through.”

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They include three men the Chinese are calling masterminds of an attack in October last year when a car was driven into a crowd in Tienanmen square in Beijing and burst into flames. Xinjiang is the home of the Muslim Uighur people, who accuse China of persecution.

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The red-hot Prado says he’s not scoreboard watching or worrying about what fellow contenders are doing. “Just taking care of our stuff,” he said. “We have to get as many wins as we can before the season ends.”

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“It feels like the World Series all over again,” Torre said in a text to Yankee broadcaster Suzyn Waldman before making one more trip up to the Bronx on Saturday, to be honored by the Yankee fans the way the team honored him.

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"Already there is a gap between what people are bringing in and what they are having to pay, and then when we see an increase like this, which is almost four times inflation, that will just make things more difficult."

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There was no rest for the British on the night of September 13 1814. All through the small hours Royal Navy ships rained down rockets and bombs on the star-shaped Fort McHenry from their position on the Patapsco River. Also out on the river that night was a Maryland lawyer, and amateur versifier, called Francis Scott Key. He was observing the battle from the deck of a “truce ship” – an unarmed, neutral vessel – and, as dawn broke, he watched anxiously for signs of which side had prevailed.

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Ever noticed that you feel a bit flirty once you’ve put your tampons away? Here’s why: oestrogen climbs toward its peak in week two. And when we release an egg for fertilisation it gives us a rocket-boost of energy. Basically, Mother Nature is desperate to get us up the duff.

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a statement. The deal tops a $550-million settlement that Goldman Sachs reached with the US Securities and Exchange Commission to resolve charges over how it marketed a subprime mortgage product in 2010. The US department of justice continues to investigate Goldman Sachs over its marketing of mortgage-backed securities. The justice department on Thursday announced a $16.65-billion settlement with Bank of America over mortgage securities.

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“This year I played a lot of good matches,” Federer said. “Not just Toronto and Cincinnati, but really from the first week on I have always played really nice tennis. Then you come into this U.S. Open (and) you remember how it feels to win tournaments. You remember and get used to that.

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With no end in sight to fighting now in its seventh week, Netanyahu's tough talk could indicate a move towards bolder strikes in densely populated neighbourhoods, even at the risk of raising more international alarm.

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Gianna Lisiecki-Cunane, an associate in family law at JMW, said it suggested that some parents are deliberately waiting until the summer holidays to force through changes knowing that the prospect of the new school term imposes a deadline, thus strengthening their hands.

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Wilmer Flores was back in the lineup Saturday after committing two errors in Friday night’s loss. The 23-year-old is getting an extended look the rest of the season to see if he can be the shortstop for 2015. He went 1-for-4 in Saturday’s loss with no errors in the field.

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Ah, yes, what about that fifth team, mathematically guaranteed to be the champion of one of the power conferences: the Atlantic Coast, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac-12 and Southeastern? Should the Big Ten champion expect to be selected to participate in one of this season’s Jan. 1 semifinal games, either the Rose Bowl or Sugar Bowl?

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The WHO says the disease can be passed between people by direct contact - through broken skin or mucous membranes - with the blood, secretions, organs or other bodily fluids of infected people, and indirect contact with environments contaminated with such fluids.

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But that is not all. The iknife has other potential applications which are only just beginning to be explored. It can test food for the presence of impurities and would have been a valuable asset in the recent horse meat contamination scandal – it can detect as little as 1 per cent of the “wrong” kind of meat. Nestle, the food manufacturer, is involved in a project to develop the technology for quality checking ingredients. If proven, the device has the potential to transform the monitoring of food security.