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"Twenty years would have been more satisfactory, considering how he has sullied the image and integrity of the wine appellations of Burgundy, Bordeaux and beyond," said Laurent Ponsot, in his first interview since the sentence was handed down by a federal judge in New York.

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Even before we left the car park, two police officers loomed from the darkness. “Stop. Turn around and leave,” shouted one, as the other levelled a shotgun at my chest. My press card and protestations made no difference. “If you don’t start walking now, you will be arrested,” said the first officer. As he came closer, I saw it was Capt Johnson.

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Although not every woman suffers from the befuddling symptoms of PMT that can accompany week four, it’s probably still the time we’re most aware of hormonal changes – especially spots.

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For the past five years, competition watchdogs - from theUnited States, Europe and across Asia - have moved in, handingout record fines in some cases, and calling time on a businessmodel that has served parts makers well.

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Attorney General Bill Schuette and Secretary of State Ruth Johnson faced no opposition to their nominations. Republicans have controlled state government for nearly four years and are looking to unify heading into the final two months of the campaign.

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Torre rode in a golf cart with Yogi Berra to the area in front of the mound, where the Yankees presented him with the 29th plaque to be placed in the area beyond the center field wall at the stadium. The team also gave Torre a flashy commemorative ring.

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The Riverside County Department of Environmental Health received confirmation from the Vector-borne Disease Section at UC Davis that tests on mosquitoes collected in Murrieta, Temecula and Hemet were positive. The samples were collected Aug. 11 and 12 from locations at Monroe Basin, the northwest corner of Temecula and western Hemet.

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Some aid organisations, including medical charity MedecinsSans Frontieres, have warned that the outbreak, which began inGuinea before spreading to Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nigeria, isnow out of control.