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However, the mosquitoes are not the ones to blame. The boom of illegal mines means more people eroding the rainforest, cutting trees and creating stagnant waters to extract gold. A perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

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KIEV, Ukraine (AP) — Ukraine's president announced plans Sunday to boost his country's defense spending by an estimated 50 percent as government forces seek to overpower pro-Russian separatists in the east.

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For her final project, she is working with four others on creating carbon nanotube transistors to test saliva for the presence of biomarkers that indicate illnesses such as gastric cancer and diabetes.

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Glendale Police Department Officer Matthew Pappert, who helped patrol the racially charged riots in Ferguson, Mo., was taken off the job after making contemptuous remarks on Facebook about the demonstrators.

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ICELAND'S Met Office said today two earthquakes had shaken the Bardarbunga volcano overnight, hours after an eruption under a nearby glacier made authorities raise its warning code for the aviation industry to red, signalling possible major disruptions.

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A few days later, the California-manufactured pharmaceutical was administered to U.S. aid workers Kent Brantly and Nancy Writebol who contracted Ebola in Liberia and were flown home for treatment. It is not clear what role ZMapp played in their recovery but the two left hospital in Atlanta last week.

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The 1033 program was begun in 1991 to help police forces in the "War on Drugs," and was revamped in 1997 to include counterterrorism activities. Chris Coyne, economics professor at George Mason University in Virginia, said the program expanded sharply after the 2001 hijacked airliner attacks.

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There are 35 games left, starting Sunday. Thirty-five opportunities to play, 35 chances to win. Forget what’s happening in Kansas City (except Monday, when they play there) or Detroit (except Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) or Baltimore (except for the eight games left of those final 35 where it’s a relevant concern).

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The notice pointed to one specific tweet which claimed fighters were already in major U.S. cities, such as Chicago and Washington D.C., and mysteriously declared: "You are our goals anywhere."

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"I'm here so that justice will be served for the families of these people that were unarmed, you know," says Ms. Holmes, who was an acquaintance of Garner for years. Her 16-year-old son Mark, marching alongside his mother and sister, mentions he plays basketball with Garner's son. "They didn't deserve to die that way, the way that they did," his mother continues.

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The announcement by Fajr Libya, or Libya Dawn, came hoursafter warplanes struck Islamists near and around the airport,killing at least 13 people and wounding 30 others, theindependent Al Nabaa television reported. It wasn’t clear whowas behind the airstrike, the second of its kind in about aweek. Libya Dawn blamed Egypt and the United Arab Emirates.

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In a sign of deep divisions between Libya's regions and political factions the House of Representative declared the Operation Dawn as well as militant Islamists like the Ansar al-Sharia as "terrorist groups".

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“To have your number retired for any team is certainly special. But when you talk about the history and tradition of the New York Yankees, known worldwide, it’s a feeling I can’t describe,” Torre said. “There wouldn’t have been a Cooperstown without Yankee Stadium.”

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Tutors like candidates who are able to talk with enthusiasm, he adds. “The students who do well, once they get onto a topic they feel comfortable on, they will hold onto that topic,” he adds. “If you find a topic you like, then keep talking about it.”