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The LG G Pad 8.3 is considered a small and a fairly budget tablet. It can somehow be a compelling alternative option to the iPad mini Retina, but costs less. Though there are obvious signs that the G Pad 8.3 is not a premium tablet, that doesn’t stop it from being a real bargain.

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Ebola, which is passed on by direct contact with the bodily fluids of infected persons, strikes hardest at healthcare providers and caregivers who work closely with those infected. And dozens of local doctors and nurses have died from the virus in recent months.

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Summer Rayne Oakes of Brooklyn has enjoyed having a creative moniker for decades. But now that Christina Aguilera has christened her newborn Summer Rain, Oakes is bracing for a slew of celebrity copycats.

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Danielle Dixson, lead researcher and biology assistant professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology, said, “Fiji was chosen for the study as the reefs here have a stark differnce between the healthy areas and the degraded areas.”

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The first person infected in Sierra Leone was a "sowei" - atribal healer. She claimed to have the power to treat Ebola andhad attracted sick people to visit her from Guinea. Traditionsof washing the dead helped spread the disease. Several womenfrom neighbouring towns were infected at the sowei's burial.

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Obama wants to know whether the programs, which were expanded after the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks, are appropriate and whether state and local law enforcement are given proper training, the official said.

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They helped his parents come to grips with the horror of having a mass murderer as a son. Years later, his mother continues to make weekly visits to one of the victims, a girl so severely injured that she must use a wheelchair and cannot speak.

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“There wouldn’t have been a Cooperstown without Yankee Stadium” is how Torre put it to the sellout Stadium crowd that had come to celebrate not just the man but the glorious — and, in all likelihood, never-to-be-seen-again — championship era he presided over. “It feels like the World Series all over again. To have your uniform retired for any team is special, but for a team with the history and tradition of the New York Yankees is a feeling I can’t describe.”

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“About 125 million years ago in the cretaceous,” BLM paleontologist Rebecca Hunt-Foster said. “So it helps kind of fill in these gaps about these animals that we don’t know much about, that we know were here, but we just don’t find their bones.”