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“The one thing that you never forget and you never lose the feeling for are you people,” Torre said. “When you get to this ballpark, you just feel the heartbeat. And it’s something that doesn’t go away.”

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The other Friday evening we asked some friends over for supper. When the time arrived, I was unprepared and flustered, while the Husband was tetchy after a stressful week. Then he announced I would be lighting the fire bowl. Spark and tetch levels rose: more fuss, smoke, complications.

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That means re-embracing what Japanese automakers are bestknown for - eliminating excess from the manufacturingprocess throughout the supply chain and trimming any fatfrom production to achieve low cost and high quality.

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Simms claims he’s considering not using the nickname of Daniel Snyder’s team when he works its games. Carey, the former NFL ref who will appear on CBS’ Thursday night pregame show, told the Washington Post’s Mike Wise he had not worked a Washington game since 2006 after asking to be lifted from Snyder University tilts because he had no use for the nickname.

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If we really wanted to rapidly create lots of housing for all New Yorkers — poor, rich and in-between — we would forget about carving out a special class of “affordable” units and embark on another approach entirely: raise height limitations drastically, slow the spread of historical districts, speed the review process in much of the city and radically simplify the zoning code.

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Zach Hare blooped a single, Austin Kryszczuk reached on a grounder through the hole and Brennan Holligan had an infield hit — giving them more hits in the first three batters than Chicago mustered against Las Vegas in the earlier meeting. Houston retired Brad Stone on a called third strike and Dillon Jones on a pop, but Drew Laspaluto lined a double off the wall in center that cleared the bases.

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The story may be simple, but there are resonances which audiences today may find discomfiting. Konstanze, a German lady, has been seized off a boat and imprisoned in the palace of the Turkish Pasha Selim, who first tries to seduce her and then threatens torture if she does not join his harem. She resists adamantly. The lecherous Osmin is assigned to guard her and her pert English maid Blonde.

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“Guess I feel like Tiger kind of around here, which is a pretty cool experience,” Hoffmann said, shortly after receiving a huge ovation on the 18th green. “Can’t be more happy right now.”

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Coyne said he was particularly concerned about the use of such teams after the Boston Marathon bombing in 2013. "Shutting down a city and unleashing massive SWAT teams that look very similar to military forces abroad is problematic. Then in Ferguson, it just ramped up even more," he said.

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Hamas has said it will not stop fighting until the Israeli-Egyptian blockade on Gaza is lifted. Both Israel and Egypt view Hamas as a security threat and are demanding guarantees that weapons will not enter the economically crippled enclave.

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Her beauty might best be described as extraterrestrial. “She’s certainly not your cookie-cutter leading lady,” says Alexi Tan, who directed her in Color Me Love. “I think people like her so much because she’s always herself. She doesn’t put on a persona.”

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However, Boko Haram insurgents had on August 6, 2014, seized the town of Gwoza when they moved a large army of their group into the area and sacked both the soldiers and the residents of the ancient community.

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Still, he dropped a couple hints that he might stick around. “Like you saw, that fire is still in me,” the Arsenal legend said, adding later, “I’m physically OK. Mentally, too. I’m still the same guy. I told you at the end of the season I have to decide what’s going to happen. We have time.”